Sajid Khatri - Bandhani Artist From Kutch

“Our craft is our Identity”

Khatris are known as ‘Rangrez’ the ones who play with colors. Sajid Bhai explains that their roots are deeply connected with this craft as it has given them the identity. This craft of Bandhani is everything for him, it provides livelihood and satisfaction to live proudly and happily.
Sajid Khatri father was recognized with a national award in 1991 as a master artisan of Bandhani craft. He is the one who inspired Sajid Bhai to practice the traditional craft and carry forward their intangible heritage.
Sajid Bhai has learned the craft of Bandhani by observing his elders and later he started his own business in 1998. According to Sajid Bhai, the fine work of Bandhani known as ‘Rai dana’- the design with tiny dots same as the size of ‘Rai’ (Mustard seed) is the most captivating feature of this craft. It demands precision and patience in the artisan. The process of tying the cloth with hands makes foreigners astonished while visiting the workshop.
‘Bandhani’ keeps Sajid Bhai rooted with his community and their identity. Sajid Bhai keeps motivating his future generation to continue this legacy and flourish it into a new direction with time.