Jabbar Khatri

The "Ajrakh Hand Block Printing" Artist


ajrakh artist jabbar khatri
ajrakh artist Jabbar Khatri and Mubin Khatri

Due to their outstanding work, Jabbar and Mobin has been invited to do exhibition in Malasia, Oman, China, Uzbekistan. They have received UNESCO seal of Excellence for their outstanding work. Jabbar got an award of “ Excellence in Handicrafts “ by World Craft Council. Also they awarded Craftsman of the Year by Craft Village, an NGO based out Delhi.

Today Jabbar & mubin are an independent artisans with a small team of ten craftsmen that work tirelessly to produce these beautiful Ajrakh prints that are unique to his aesthetic. they works with both cotton and silk materials and makes garments, accessories, and home furnishings out of it.

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