KutchiBazaar – The celebration of Craft

Welcome to KutchiBazaar!

KutchiBazaar brings to you exclusive craft products prepared with care by the local artisans. We present the celebration of craft which carries the festivity of diverse Kutchi culture to your life. The bazaar of stories and folklores of mesmerizing Kutchi culture weaved in each piece of craft.
The word ‘Kutch’ brings the image of the wide salt desert with ever-smiling ethnic people wearing colourful hand-loomed and embroidered dresses, hand-crafted jewellery, finely shaped leather footwear, and bead-work accessories. The idea of living gracefully by cherishing the small events in the harsh climate of Kutch makes Kutchi people amazing storytellers and those stories are manifested in each traditional craft they create. From Ajrakh block printing, Bandhani printing, and Bhujodi weaving to Rogan art, leather art, and wood carving; Kutch stands as the vibrant land of crafts.

Why KutchiBazaar?

You receive gorgeous handcrafted pieces of timelessness. The craft lingers the smell of Kutchi soil and the emotion of artisans on textures and patterns. We strive to bring the most authentic and exclusive crafts showcasing the fine skill of Kutchi artisans. We pick the most local and original craft for you to gift your loved ones; which carries captivating tales and an expression of intangible Kutchi heritage. Buying from us will give you the satisfaction of providing the value and worth the artisans deserve. It does not only make them generate the livelihood but also spread awareness of preserving and practicing their inherited precious skills.

What KutchiBazaar do?

KutchiBazaar is an initiative that brings all the craft of Kutch together and gives you the opportunity to experience the diverse creation of expert artisans.
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought forth the point at issue which is a shabby bridge between aesthete consumers and artisans. Most rural artisans are cut off from the mainstream market and it leads to the decline of the legacy that creates a unique expression of cultural value as handicrafts.
KutchiBazaar provides a platform for the skillful artisans of Kutch. It is a platform that ensures the more robust livelihood and association of consumers who appreciate and value their creation. We dream to keep this journey going towards the embracement of recognised and also unrecognised potential craft artisans of Kutch. We strive to discover the artisans working in the smallest niche of this land and provide them a platform and an opportunity to flourish holistically.