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      Bhujodi Dupatta

      Bhujodi is the traditional weaving craft of vankars of Bhujodi village in Kutch, Gujarat. This beautiful art form uses simple geometrical patterns to create amazing Indian handicraft textiles, including shawls, stoles, dupattas, and other fabrics. Bujodi weaving was created due to the desire for the harmonious coexistence of the weavers (vankars) and cattle herders (rabaris). The rabaris provided wool to the vankars from their sheep, while the vankars made them into warm shawls for rabaris to protect against harsh winters. Thus rabaris became the first customers of vankars.

      History and Origin

      There are several folktales and stories behind the origin of bhujodi art. The most promising one is that the Vankars of bhujodi were initially the people from the marwada weaving community of Rajasthan who migrated to Kutch about 500 years ago. Traditionally the weavers of bhujodi made ghagras, lungis, blankets for the rabari community.

      The Process of Making Bhujodi Dupatta

      Bhujodi designs look fascinatingly simple, yet a lot of intricate weaving is required to create such beautiful pieces of work. Traditionally Bhujodi weaving is done on pit looms that weavers have in their homes. Weavers used charkha to pin the yarn before weaving. The dyes used to color the yarns are also natural such as indigo, alizarin, and iron rust. The weavers dye the yarn with wheat flour paste to strengthen the wool before weaving it. The weaving involves using a unique technique called extra weft to add motifs and designs to the fabric. To add motifs with this technique, the weavers have to painstakingly add individual contrasting threads to the weave with hands for each motif. It creates beautifully stand-out patterns on the fabric.

      Popular Patterns

      Some signature motifs and patterns are the trademarks of bhujdoi work. It includes geometric patterns such as triangles called popati, charmukh, four triangles of popati joined together, panchko, satkani, Hathi, dholki, lath, and macchhar. Artists repeat and combine these motifs on the dupattas to create unique and intricate designs.

      Where to Buy

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