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      Batik Stole

      Stoles are excellent styling accessories that every woman has in her wardrobe. They can turn a simple outfit into a fashion statement in no time. Batik stoles are a vibrant addition to any stole collection as they are a fantastic blend of art and fashion. Batik art is an ancient fabric printing art form that originated from India and spread all over the middle east.

      History of Batik Art

      The exact origins of batik art are unknown; however, the earliest traces can be found in Egypt, almost 1500 years old. However, Indian historians claim that batik art from India is over 2000 years old. Traditionally, the Khatri people of Gujarat practiced batik in India. With time the art spread to other regions of the country like Rajasthan, West Bengal, and Chennai.

      Techniques Used to Make Batik Stoles

      Batik art is a combination of resist-dyeing, waxing, and scrapping on a piece of fabric to create intricate patterns. Wax is the key ingredient used to create resistance in the fabric against dyes. The trademark quality of batik art is the design created by pigments seeping through the fabric to create unique designs on the material. Traditionally beeswax or paraffin was used for this purpose. The dyes used were also natural such as indigo, madder, and turmeric.

      Process of Making Batik Stoles

      To create Batik stoles, artists use silk, cotton, or georgette fabrics cleaned thoroughly prior to the process. Then the craftsmen trace batik patterns of the stoles using tracing materials and pencil. Once the outlines are drawn with a pencil or charcoal, the artisans use tools and brushes to apply wax.

      Then they dip the entire batik fabric into the dye and keep it for a few hours. Once dried, you can see the places with wax application retain most of the original color, creating unique patterns on the stole. Then the wax is removed by heating the fabric. This process is repeated several times to get the desired effects.

      Artisans can also combine traditional art forms like ajrakh print with batik work to create unique patterns.

      Where to Buy

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