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      Batik Fabric

      Batik fabrics are one most popular fabric printing techniques all over Asia. Originated in India over 2000 years ago, batik has found its place in various countries, including Indonesia, China, Srilanka, and Egypt. Batik has recently gained popularity globally, and batik fabric is being used in the west and European countries to create fashionable couture.

      What is Batik Print?

      Batik print is created by using resist dying and waxing on the fabric. The wax acts as a resistance and helps the clothing retain its original color where the wax has been applied after dyeing. Over time, various techniques evolved, such as the splash method, the screen printing method, the hand painting, and the scratch and starch resist process. In all these methods, the essential steps remain the same, although the application of wax changes each time.

      How are Batik Fabrics Made?

      The process of making batik fabric is long, complex, and time-consuming. To make a piece of batik fabric, the artisan first cleans the cloth and dries it. After that, they outline the designs on the fabric using a pencil or charcoal. Once the outlines are finished, the artists apply the wax on the fabric with the outlines as the guide.

      Once the waxing is finished, they dip the fabric into the dyes prepared carefully to paint the material. They keep the fabrics in the dye for as long as it takes to achieve the desired shade.

      The waxed portions of the fabric don't catch color, creating beautiful contrasts on the material. Then the wax is scraped off after heating the fabric.

      How are Batik Fabrics Used?

      Batik print fabrics are used all over India and abroad for various purposes. One of them is creating fashionable couture such as batik print sarees, stoles, suit materials, and other clothing pieces for men and women. Batik fabric is also used for interior decor as upholstery and other handicraft accessories.

      Where to Buy It?

      If you want to buy high-quality authentic batik print fabrics, online Kutchi Bazaar is the place for you. Our collection of batik work includes batik print cotton fabrics, batik print stoles, batik print sarees, and suit materials. We also have an extensive collection of popular handicraft designs, including ajrakh print sarees, Bandhani work, and Banarasi silk sarees.