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      Batik Dupatta

      Dupattas are an irreplaceable part of Indian Ethnic wear. From salwar suits to lehengas, most ethnic wears are complemented by dupattas. Batik print dupattas are made using batik art form, a unique combination of resist-dyeing, waxing, and scraping techniques.

      History of Batik Art

      Batik art is a traditional art form with its roots all over the middle east, including Egypt, Indonesia, China, Srilanka, and India. The exact origins of the art form are unknown, but it is believed to be over 1500 years old. The Khatri community from Gujarat is believed to be the frontiers of this art form in India. However, you can see the art practiced in many country regions, including Rajasthan, Chennai, and West Bengal.

      Techniques Involved

      The process of making batik dupattas are intricate and multifaceted. Traditionally fabrics like cotton and silk were used for batik art as these fabrics were favorable for absorbing the dyes and the wax.

      The artisan prepares the batik fabrics by soaking them in castor oil and soda ash. It removes any impurities. Then the material is stretched onto a flat surface, and the artist sketches the patterns onto the fabric with pencil or charcoal. It is essential as artists cannot wax the entire patterns with memory.

      Once the patterns are established, the craftsmen apply wax to the design using various tools and brushes. Only skilled artisans do the waxing as any mistake can ruin the entire design.

      After waxing, the fabric is dipped into the dye and kept. The darker the color requirements longer the interval of leaving the material in the dyeing tub. The fabric is taken out of the paint, and the waxed portions retain the color of the original cloth. Then, the wax on the material is heated and scraped off. This process is performed multiple times to achieve the desired results.

      Batik Designs

      With so much history and creative freedom, there are many batik designs that you can find. Some popular batik designs, such as Kawung, Ceplok, and Parang, are of Javanese origin. Most of these designs are inspired by things in nature. What makes batik designs unique from other resist dyeing and block printing designs is that artists get more space to incorporate their creativity and each piece of work their own in Batik designs.

      Where to Buy

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