Bhujodi Shawls


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      8 products

      Bhujodi Shawls

      Kutch is known for its textile handicrafts all across the globe. The vibrant colors, ethnic motifs, and unique patterns speak of kutch’s beautiful handicraft legacy. However, there is also a subtler art in the Bujhodi village of Kutch with a unique appeal in its simplicity and elegance. Bujholdi shawls are made with bhujodi weaving art practiced by vankars of bhujodi village.

      History and Origins

      The vankars were initially the weavers of the Meghwal community from Rajasthan who migrated to Gujarat over 500 years ago. Bhujodi as an art form flourished in Kutch due to the communal coexistence of two communities in Kutch, the Rabaris and Vanakers. Rabaris were cattle herders who provided wool to the vankars, and in turn, they made them warm shawls, blankets, and skirts.

      Slowly the art form perished drastically due to lack of resources under colonial rule. However, the khadi movement in 1920 became the reason for the revival of this traditional art form. From then on, the art form became famous worldwide.

      Weaving Process

      Bhujodi weavers are known for the extra-weft patterns they create in their weaving that create unique motifs on the fabric. The weaving process is tedious and lengthy and is traditionally done by the community's men. The weavers usually used pit looms to weave bhujodi shawls. The yarn is dyed using natural dyes like indigo, madder, turmeric, and iron rust. The yarn is spun off the charkha by the women of the community. The weavers also dip the wool into wheat flour to strengthen it before weaving.

      To make the motifs, the weavers have to pass single threads through the fabric between the weaves to achieve the desired results. And that’s what makes the bhujodi weaving unique and complex.

      Bhujodi Motifs

      The unique motifs of the Bhujodi fabrics make it stand out from other weaving art forms. Bhujodi motifs are geometrical patterns like triangles and squares repeated several times to create unique designs. The natural surrounding of Bhujodi village influences these motifs. These patterns can range from elementary to exceptional, depending on the artisan's skills.

      Where to Buy

      Bhujodi shawls are a distinct combination of art culture and elegance that every woman should have in her winter wardrobe. Kutchi Bazaar is the place to buy authentic handcrafted Bhujodi shawls online. The artisans of Kutch in Gujrat handcraft our unique collection.