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      Batik Suit

      Suits are traditional ethnic women’s wear that has become a staple in every Indian women’s wardrobe. Batik print suits are one way to give this beautiful Indian attire a vibrant flair. Batik artwork has its roots in various parts of the middle east, including Indonesia, Egypt, India, and China.

      History of Batik Work

      Although it is difficult to pinpoint the exact origin of the art, most experts agree that the earliest traces were seen in Egypt and the middle east around 1500 years ago. The word Batik is derived from ambatitick in Javanese, the language of the native people of Indonesia. The word means to write dots on a piece of fabric.

      Indian historians believe that Batik work in India is far older than everywhere else and is around 2000 years old. They also think that Batik originated in India and spread everywhere from here.

      Traditionally the Khatri community from Gujrat practiced batik work in India; however, later, it spread to various parts of the country, including West Bengal, Chennai, Rajasthan, and Andra Pradesh.

      Techniques Involved in Making Batik Suit Pieces

      Making batik work on fabric is complex and requires a lot of skill and patience. Here is how batik print suit materials are made.

      • To make batik print suits, the artisans have to choose batik fabrics that can retain color and absorb wax easily. Traditionally cotton and silk were the go-to choices. However, nowadays, artists experiment with other materials such as georgette.
      • The first step is to clean the suit material to remove any starch remains.
      • Once the fabric is clean and dry, the artist draws batik patterns on the suit material with a pencil and then traces the designs with wax.
      • Then the fabric is dipped into the dye to catch color. The waxed portions of the material retain the fabric's original color and highlight the designs drawn.
      • Then the craftsmen remove the wax on the fabric by warming the wax and scraping it off.
      • The waxing and drying process is done several times till the artist archives the desired results.

      Where to Buy

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