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      Bandhani Suit Material Set

      Bandhani Suits Salwar suit is a traditional Indian outfit that women all across India wear every day and all day. They were introduced to India in the 13th century when Mughals came to India, and since then, it has become a part of Indian culture. A salwar kameez is as beautiful as the fabric it is made from, and that’s the reason bandhani suits stand out where you go.

      History of Bandhani art

      Bandhani is a traditional tie-dye art form that dates back around 5000 years. The first mention of bandhani art was found in Bana Bhatt`s Harshacharita as a saree on a royal marriage. Since then, bandhani art has progressed as a popular fabric dying technique in northern parts of India. This art is used in making different ethnic fashion wear like bandhani saree, bandhani dupatta, stole and many more.

      Technique Involved

      Making a bandhani suit involves dying the fabric with bandhani prints. The artisans make a general outline of the pattern they want and tie small knots with threads following the pattern. Then the craftsmen soak the suit piece into the color dye. After that, they wait for the fabric to dry and absorb the color. Then they remove the knots that reveal the bandhani design all over the material.

      Styling Tips

      Bandhani suits can be worn on any occasion, and you won’t look out of place. Teaming it with beautiful; Bandhani dupattas can amp up your flare even more. Here are some ways to style your bandhani suits.

      Classic Salwar Suit

      If you are looking for something evergreen and can wear it on all occasions, a classic bandhani print salwar suit is your best option. They come in varied contrasting hues or solid patterns with colorful dupattas.

      Bandhani Dhoti suits

      Traditionally deemed as menswear, dhoti is becoming a trending women’s attire in recent times. Turning your bandhani suit piece into a dhooti with a Kurti can be your next fabulous Indian ethnic wear attire.

      Bandhani Kaftans

      Kaftan is becoming a famous women’s ethnic attire due to their boho vibes and comfort. Use your bandhani suit material to create a fantastic kaftan for your upcoming function.

      Bandhani Overalls

      The fashion world is buzzing over overalls this season, and bandhani fabric is something that you can use to create a stunning overall for yourself. Where to start If you are looking for some fantastic  online bandhani suits materials to rock your next party, Kutchi Bazaar is the place to go. From dazzling colors to high-quality materials, you have it all with us. Check out our online collection here.

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