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Bandhej Saree

Traditional bandhani art is a celebration of colors, art, and history. It is an ancient fabric dying art form that originated in the northern regions of India (Gujrat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh) over 5000 thousand years ago.

The word 'Bandhani' comes from Bandhan, which means tying. For creating Bandhani art, artisans use the tie-dye technique to create multiple small tie-dye patches that look like white squares on the colored fabric. These patches are formed in different patterns of flowers, roots, leaves, and other designs unique to the artisans' families that make them.

Bandhani is ancient yet among the most accepted and cherished handicraft designs that you can see in modern Indian ethnic clothing. From sarees to turbans, you can see every clothing material with Bandhani art in northern India. It also has international fame in Indian handicrafts for women.

The Technique of Making Bandhani Saree

The art of dying bandhani or bandhej saree is as unique as the saree itself. To make a bandhej saree, the artist takes the desired fabric and ties hundreds of small knots on the fabric using threads. These knots prevent the knotted section of the fabric from catching color when the fabric is dipped into the dye. Once the fabric dries, artists remove the knots, and you get hundreds of small knots usually square in design that hold the original color of the fabric, creating a vibrant contrast on the saree. Depending on the weather, it may take around 12 months to make one saree, as it takes longer for the dyes to dry during monsoon or winters.

Styles and Variety

Bandhani sarees are among the most famous handicraft designs from India, and you can find an endless variety to choose from when it comes to Bandhej sarees. You can find it all in Bandhej designs, from vibrant colors to the finest materials.

Where to Start for Buying Online Bandhani Saree

If you are looking for a place to buy authentic Bandhej sarees handmade from skilled artisans of Gujrat, check out the fantastic online collection of Bandhej sarees at Kutchi Bazaar. Our unique collection of bandhani sarees includes Bandhani work on soft silk fabrics.

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