Bandhani Gharchola Dupattas


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      9 products

      Gharchola is a traditional attire that offers a royal and grand appearance. Made of Gaji Silk, such dupattas are the most adored Rajasthani and Gujarati outfits. With Pure Handloom cotton, a few such traditional sarees (gharchola) are made, and they have silk type appearance and feel.

      Bandhani or Bandhej is a prevalent type of tie-dye fabric, prepared and tinted by plucking the cloth with your fingers' nails into several minuscule bindings that eventually get converted into a beautiful design and a surprisingly lightweight and comfortable fabric. Bandhani or Bandhej Dupattas found their origin in Gujarat and Rajasthan, which are home to an astounding variety of traditional crafts. You might have indeed seen beautiful Gujarati women wearing Bandhani dupattas and pulling off this classic look perfectly.

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