Bandhani Dupattas

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87 products

Bandhani Dupatta

Dupattas are a wardrobe essential for every Indian woman as they represent modesty, grace, and beauty. Most ethnic attires like suits, lehenga choli, ghagra choli are incomplete without dupattas.

Bandhani dupattas are colorful scarves that have traditional bandhej work on them. Bandhani is a Tie-dye fabric dying art form originated from Gujrat thousands of years ago. It is still among the most popular fabric prints in northern parts of the country. The most popular bandhej designs include Charbundi, Leheriya, Beldaar, Shikargah, and Ekdali.

How are Bandhani Dupattas Made?

The art of making handmade bandhani dupatta is complex and unique and has held to its original technique. For making Bandhani dupattas, the artisans use various materials such as cotton, silk, georgette, and chiffon. Then, they make several tiny knots on the dupatta with threads in a predefined pattern before dipping it into the colored dye.

Once the dye is dried, all the threads are cut, and the knotted area does not catch the color, creating multiple tiny spots in the fabric’s original color. After that, the artisan may add other intricate detailing such as mirror work, gotta Patti, Ajrakh print on the dupatta to make it even more beautiful.

Styling Tips

Bandhani dupattas are the perfect way to add some color and vibrancy to your attire for any occasion. You can style them with all type of Indian ethnic wear for women in multiple ways to create a stunning look. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Simply drape it around your neck like a scarf if you wear a suit, a kurta and palazzo pants, or a long skirt.
  • Wrap it with your solid-colored saree in nivi style to create a unique and chic look.
  • Wear it with your tank top and jeans like a scarf to create a boho-chic look.

 Where to Start

Start your search for the perfect Bandhani dupatta online from Kutchi Bazaar, and we are sure that you won’t need to look anywhere else. Our collection of Bandhani dupattas is handmade by skilled artisans of Gujrat. It includes some beautiful bandhani dupattas in pure Gazi silk, cotton, and georgette with embellishments and Ajrakh print fabric.

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