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      Banarasi Dupatta

      The sheer beauty and elegance of Banarasi fabric make you feel like royalty when you drape the Banarasi dupatta around you. The amazing zari and brocade work on the dupatta makes it shine on every occasion. That’s why banarasi silk is the favorite choice for women worldwide for all grand events. Banarasi dupattas are found in various styles, from most basic designs to full-fledged artwork of motifs and colors, and each has its beauty.

      History and Origin

      The history of this rich fabric is as grand as the fabric itself. It is believed that Banarasi silk originated in one of the oldest cities in the world, Varanasi. There have been mentions of Banarasi silk since ancient times. However, Mughals get credit for establishing and promoting banarasi silk as a popular art form in India. They brought new techniques and weavers from their native land and developed what we know today as banarasi weave.

      The Making of Banarasi Dupatta

      It can take several days and three-four artists to finish one dupatta if the Zari work is intricate and detailed. The artists combine the traditional techniques and modern machinery to make the weaving authentic and less complex.

      The process starts by finding the perfect yarn for the dupatta and reeling it. Then the yarn is dyed in the color of choice and left to dry for a few days. During that period, artists create the designs for the dupatta on paper. Then these designs are traced on cardboards which are then used as jacquards on the weaving machine. Artists use gold and silver threads to weave in zari and brocade work on your dupatta for the motifs.

      Different Ways to Style Your Banarasi Dupatta

      There are multiple ways to style your beautiful banarasi bandhani dupatta to create a unique and elegant attire. Here’s how you can style them:

      Classic Shoulder Drape: One of the easiest and traditional ways to wear it on one shoulder fully open. It looks elegant and chic and is easy to manage.

      Makeshift Shrug: If you want to amp up your style, try draping it around both your shoulders to create a shrug.

      Add Pleats: Another way to style your banarasi dupatta is to add asymmetric pleats to it and affix them on your shoulders.

      Where to Buy

      Kutchi Bazaar is your one-stop shop to buy amazing banarasi silk dupattas online. Our exclusive collection holds dupattas that combine bandhani art with banarasi silk fabric and are handcrafted by artisans of Gujrat.