Heavy Banarasi with Fine Bandhani Silk Unstitched Dress Material Collection


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      Banarasi Dress Material

      The elegance and grandeur of Banarasi silk are unmatched by any other material. That’s why it is called the material for the royalty. Banarasi silk dress material is one of the finest materials in the world to create your outfits. Woven with fine silk and intricate zari work, Banarasi dress materials can help you steal the show at any party.

      History of Banarasi Silk

      Although hinted at since the ancient period of Mahabharata, the Mughal dynasty is credited for bringing Banarasi silk to India. Named after one of the oldest cities in the world, Banaras (Varanasi), Banarasi silk is influenced by both Indian and Mughal culture. Persian motifs and designs are often entwined with traditional Indian design in Banarasi dress materials.

      Making of Banarasi Silk Materials

      As the fame of banarasi silk spread globally, demand for this beautiful artwork has gone up significantly. However, the artists still try to maintain the authenticity of the art as much as possible. The process followed is an amalgamation of the old and the new. Depending on the intricate designs, it can take about 15 days to one month to create a banarasi silk dress material.

      The process starts with finding the best silk yarn for the material. Then the yarn is dyed in the color of choice, and then it is reeled. Then comes the hard part of creating designs and patterns for the dress materials.

      The artists first draw the designs on paper trace them on cardboard pieces used as jacquard on the weaving machine. Artists add fine threads of gold and silver on the eave very skillfully to create intricate zari and brocade works that are a trademark of banarasi dress material.

      Creative Ways to Use Banarasi Dress Material

      You can use Banrasi silk dress material to create amazing couture such as unique silk Kurtis and bottom wear, lehnga choli, Anarkali suit, gowns, and much more. Just let your creative energy flow to bring out something special and beautiful. Kutchi Bazaar is where to buy stunning Banarasi dress material online. Our amazing collection combines Banarasi ilk ith beautiful Bandhani work to create a piece of art. You can also check out our exclusive batik suit material set and bandhej suit material at the store.