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      Ajrakh Suit Material Set

      Ajrakh is derived from the Prussian word ‘azure,’ which stands for bright blue sky. Like the word itself, the art of Ajrakh print is beautiful and vast, like the sky. It is one of India's most popular fabric art forms and has spread worldwide. Ajrakh print fabrics are famous for their unique prints, vibrant color combinations, and comfortable materials.

      The History of Ajrakh

      The art of Ajrakh print is practiced by the Khatri community of Kutch in Gujrat. The Khatris were initially the natives of Sindh valley, now in Pakistan. They have migrated to Gujrat kutch during the early 16th century when the ruler of kutch saw their artwork and invited them to his kingdom. During that period, the art form flourished in India. But later on, under British colonial rule, it perished gravely.

      However, it is slowly gaining back its lost glory and gaining a name in the world of fashion.

      Unique Features

      Ajrakh print is known for its unique double-sided prints you can see on both sides of the fabric. These prints are created by combining resist-dye techniques and woodblock printing.

      Initially, the artists created shawls with Ajrakh print; however, nowadays, the ajrakh pattern is used on various apparel, including ajrakh sarees, ajrakh salwar suits, ajrakh dupattas, and much more.

      Process of Making Ajrakh Print Suit Set

      The technique of making ajrakh print is passed down to the generations of the Khatri community, and artists try to maintain the authenticity of the process at each step. It starts with cleaning the suit material using soda ash ad oil to remove any starch and impurities.

      After that, the fabric is dried, and a resist of lime and tree resin is used to create outlines and motifs in white on the cloth. Then, the patterns are filled with black-colored dye made of natural materials. Wooden blocks with intricate patterns are used to create all the designs on the fabric. Then the material is dipped into the pigment of the desired color. Once the paints are dry, the fabric is rewashed to remove the access dyes.

      Where to Buy it?

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