Ajrakh Hand Block Printed Stoles


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      Ajrakh Stole

      Ajrakh print is a traditional woodblock fabric printing technique from Gujarat used to create unique handcrafted women's clothing, including sarees, stoles, dupattas, and much more. Originally Ajrakh technique was developed by artisans who lived in the Sindh valley, who later moved to Kutch in Gujarat, and the Khatri community made it their own. Nowadays, it is among one of the most popular handcrafted designs all over the country.

      What is Ajrakh Print?

      The Ajrakh comes from the Persian language and means the color blue. Sufism influences this art form, and you can see that in nature-inspired colors and patterns. Blue, red, and black are commonly used in these prints. The dyes used are also natural such as Indigo and madder.

      How are Ajrakh Print Stoles Made?

      Making Ajrakh print stole is complex and requires a lot of skill and patience. It can take between 16-18 days to complete one stole depending upon the complexity of the designs on the stoles.

      • The artisan washes the fabric several times in castor oil and soda ash to remove any traces of dirt, impurities, and starch from the material.
      • Then they dry the fabric thoroughly before using a wooden block to form outlines of the designs on the stole.
      • After that, natural dyes that take months to prepare are applied on intricately carved wooden blocks, and skilled artisans use them on the stoles guided by the outlines.
      • Then the fabric spread on a flat surface and left to dry for a few days.
      • Once the dye is dried entirely, artisans wash the stole in an alum solution to enhance the life and color of the paints.

      Making Ajrakh print has evolved constantly over time, yet the art hasn't lost its beauty and integrity.

      What Makes Ajrakh Stoles Unique?

      • All the dyes used in Ajrakh stoles are natural, making them a unique fusion of fashion, tradition, and sustainability our world needs today.
      • The dyes used for Ajrakh print have a unique effect on the fabric as they spread the holes in fabric during summers and close them in during winters making it a fashionable wardrobe staple for every season.
      • Ajrakh print stoles are designed so that you can wear them on both sides.

      Where to Find Unique Ajrakh Print Stoles?

      Kutchi Bazaar is where to go if you are looking for some beautifully handcrafted Ajrakh print stoles. Our exquisite collection of stoles also includes bandhani stoles, batik print stoles, and other unique handmade designer stoles.