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Ajrakh Saree

An Ajrakh saree is a beautiful combination of Indian art and culture with its roots deep in medieval times. The word Ajrakh originated from Persian and its literal meaning is ‘blue.’ Ajrakh sarees are designed with beautiful block prints inspired by the colors of nature. Ajrakh sarees have a rich history and a beautiful art depiction in Indian ethnic wear.

The History of Ajrakh Sarees

The Ajrakh art has its roots in the Sindh valley from the Indus valley civilization, and the Khatri community claims it to be their heritage. It is believed that during the late 16th century, the ruler of Kutch came across the Ajrakh work from Sindh and called the artisans to Kutch after recognizing the beauty of this art form. From then on, Kutch became the home for creators and practitioners of Ajrakh artwork. Nowadays, Ajrakh printing is practiced in various parts of northern India, including Kutch, Dhamadka in Gujarat, and the Barmer district of Rajasthan.

The Art of Making Ajrakh Sarees

Ajrakh is a traditional wooden block printing method that uses natural dyes like indigo and madder to resist-dye blocks patterns on fabric. What makes Ajrakh print unique is that it is combined with other printing and dying techniques to create vibrant designs on the material.

The process of making is Ajarkh saree is very traditional and inspired by nature, so the craftsmen ensure that they are in harmony with nature through the entire process. The whole process of making on saree takes about 16-18 days, depending upon the complexity of the design and the weather conditions. Here’s how an Ajrakh print saree is made.

  • The first step is to wash the entire fabric using castor oil and soda ash to remove any traces of starch or dirt. Then the material is dried thoroughly. This process is called ‘saaj.’
  • Then the material is dyed in a cold solution to keep the prints and colors intact after dying.
  • Then the artisans use wooden blocks made of teakwood to print intricate designs on the fabric. Patterns in nature such as flowers, stars, moon, and leaves often inspire these designs.
  • Once the printing is finished, the fabric is rewashed and dried in the sun.
  • After that, solutions of lime and spray are applied to increase the life of the fabric and the prints.

Where to start

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