Hand Block Printed Ajrakh Gharchola Saree


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      11 products

      Gharchola saree is a traditional attire that offers a royal and grand appearance. Made of Gaji Silk, such sarees are the most adored Rajasthani and Gujarati outfits. With Pure Handloom cotton, a few such traditional sarees (gharchola) are made, and they have silk type appearance and feel.

      Ajrakh print saree is woven by the Khatris community in Gujarat and the saree is distinguished by its contrasting color pattern, such as blue with red. These are Ajrak block print sarees made with natural ingredients for dyes like indigo, madder, pomegranate bark, and seeds. Camel dung found abundantly in the region, is used as an ingredient to remove starch from the fabric. The complex and iconic geometric and floral patterns on an Ajrakh saree are hard to miss and make a priceless addition to your wardrobe. The resist block technique used in these Ajrakh sarees online is a lengthy process with several stages. This needs each layer of color to be printed after an equal time interval. Kutchi Bazaar has lived up to the expectations of celebrating the heritage and of India by selling Ajrakh print silk sarees and Ajrakh cotton sarees, which are designed by the best artisans with care and patience to deliver the best saree to you.

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