Types of Dupattas which Showcase our Indian Culture

If there is one accessory which can easily pair up with any Indian ethnic wear is Dupatta. It is one of the most versatile piece of Indian clothing which can be found in anyone’s wardrobe. These dupatta comes in various kind of weaves with different material which bring an unparalled beauty to the outfit.

Below we have curated a blog where we are going to talk about types of dupatta which you must have in your wardrobe.

Types of Dupatta

Dupatta is one of the most crucial accessories in the Indian fashion industry which helps in adding grace to the complete outfit. The impact of versatility can be seen in its outfit also. Every different kind of dupatta. Some of the popular types of dupatta in India are

- Bandhani Silk Dupatta
- Ajrakh Dupatta
- Batik Dupatta
- Banarasi Dupatta

1. Bandhani Silk Dupatta

Can anyone beat the magical beauty of the bandhani dupatta? The bandhani dupatta has its origin in the beautiful city of Bhuj, Gujarat which is famous for its bandhani tie and dye art.

The dupatta comes with beautiful handcrafted intricate designs with a crinkled texture on it. The use of beautiful bright colors in the bandhej dupatta is something whcih attract the wearer toward it. The combination of amazingly lively colors with the small cheery like pattern spread the complete positive vibes. You can pair these beautiful bandhani silk dupatta with a lehenga for the complete vintage look.

2. Ajrakh Dupatta

If you do not like wearing dupatta with the embroidery and heavy zari work you can go with the beautiful handcrafted Ajrakh print dupatta. The dupatta comes with the beautiful handblock printing technique which is called Ajrakh print. Ajrakh printing is an applique technique which is said to be originated from the time of Indus valley civilization. The complete ajrakh art is done by the khatri community.

Talking of the Ajrakh dupatta. The best part of these Ajrakh dupattas is they are light in weight and easily complement any type of dress. You can wear them throughout the year no matter wheater it is summer or winter.

3. Banarasi Dupatta

If there is one kind of silk dupatta that can be easily found in your mom's wardrobe, then it is the banarasi silk dupatta. The dupatta has always been a great option when it comes to uplifting your complete outfit look.

The dupatta is that wearable art which can be passed down from one generation to another. The mesmerizing fabric comes with the zari and amazing embroidery work which add touch and luxury to your outfit. You will find plenty of various combinations in banarasi dupatta. Among all, one of the most interesting ranges is amalgamations with the beauty of bandhani tie and dye and banarasi silk work.

4. Batik Print Dupatta

As they say some day are for the minimalism while some to look luxurious. Indeed it is true, you cannot wear a premium banarasi dupatta everyday. To support the statement the batik dupatta is at the rescue. The dupatta are made using the batik print technique in which beautiful intricate designs are created with using the wax.

The batik dupatta comes in beautiful shades of earth tone light color. It is perfect accessory to support your outfit when you want you just want to look simple.