Top 5 Selling Authentic Bandhani Print Saree

Dated back to the time of the bronze age, Bandhani Saree is one the oldest and most authentic Indian Ethnic Wear attire, still maintaining its presence among women of all ages. The richness, elegance and refinement of this saree is simply matchless. If we take a look, the Bandhani or bandhej is one of the oldest tie and dye techniques worldwide, which hails from parts of Gujarat and Rajasthan. The use of exclusive handcrafted patterns created by tying or plucking helps form figurative designs that make these saree fashionable and glamorous. You will find this fantastic masterpiece of bandhani bandhej print on the Chunri, Dupattas, Suits, stoles, turbans and sarees. The bandhej print saree is the most popular and familiar among everyone. Let us take a look at Top 5 Selling Authentic Bandhani Print Saree to buy right now.

1. Cotton Bandhani Saree

Cotton is one of the most frequently used materials you will find in the bandhani saree. The fabric is convenient for both artisans and consumers. The fabric is comfortable for the wearer, especially in the hot regions of Rajasthan and Gujarat. The pure cotton bandhani saree is light in weight and comes with a breathable fabric which makes it suitable during summer days. Suppose you are attending any function and are confused about what to wear. In that case, this beautiful yellow bandhani saree in cotton is something you cannot resist.

This cotton bandhani saree is ideal for wearing during an auspicious event. The saree is made up of lightweight satin cotton, which is crafted by Irfan Khatri, a famous artisan of Kutch. The mesmerizing dual-color dots on this bandhej print saree give the effect of sparkling stars at night.

2. Banarasi Bandhani Saree

Banarasi Bandhani saree is another popular innovation by artisans. It is an amalgamation of the famous tie and dye technique with the age-old heritage culture of banarasi. The use of silk material and the brocade design on the saree border differentiate the printed banarasi bandhani saree from others. The complete process of creating the banarasi bandhej saree is extensive. It takes time and patience to complete the final product.


If you are planning to wear a traditional look with modern designs and patterns, this beautiful red banarasi bandhani print saree is the absolute choice. This gorgeous banarasi bandhani silk saree comes with dupion silks finished with the neemzari work. Neemzari is the popular embroidery style that uses multi-colored zari thread work on the silk. The beautiful Tifli weaving technique has been used at the time of weaving the fabric. The excellent saree is handcrafted by the famous bandhani artisans Amin Khatri. The red color on this bandhej saree makes it more sensual, making it appropriate to wear them at sacred places and weddings.

3. Gaji Silk Bandhani Saree

This bandhani saree come with the Gaji silk work on it. While comparing the gaji silk with other silk, one thing that differentiates it from others is the rough and coarse material. The fabric is similar to the Khadi. The gaji silk saree keeps you warm, making them ideal for wearing during the chilling winter days.

The wine color gaji silk bandhani saree looks marvelous. The beautiful saree comes with multi-color dots which is complementing the shine and free flow texture of the saree. The designs and color of this bandhani print saree make it suitable for every occasion.

4. Munga Silk Bandhani Saree

Munga silk is popularly known as wild silk. The silk is known for its natural yellowish tint, which has a glossy and shimmering texture. It is said that the source of munga silk goes back to the age of the dinosaur era. The silkworm used to produce the munga silk is very sensitive. It requires a minimum level of temperature to sustain.

Munga silk is among one of the most iconic bandheej saree. This beautiful saree comes in intricate dot designs, which have tassels on it. The beautiful bandhani saree print is done by Sajid Khatri, a famous bandhani artist of Kutch. The munga tussar silk saree comes with a lightweight and delicate design, perfect for wearing during the wedding. Compared with the other bandhani saree, the munga silk bandhani saree takes a month to complete and is usually more expensive than other bandhej saree.

5. Chanderi Silk Bandhani Saree

The popular silk got its name from a small town of Madhya Pradesh called “ Chanderi “. Chanderi Silk is known for its sheer texture along with its lightweight design and luxurious drape. These bandhani print saree are created with the help of 3 types of fabric: Chaderi cotton, pure silk, and silk cotton. Popular Chanderi designs are coin, floral arts, and peacocks designs.

The alluring bandhani Chanderi saree comes with a combination of both handcrafted bandhani and Ajrakjh work. The beautiful saree has excellent bandhani work on the border and the complete center of the saree has Ajrakh print on it. The wide use of natural dyed is used in the creation of this saree.