Top 5 Trendy Gujarati Wedding Saree to Make Bride Look More Pretty

Nothing one can be compared to beautiful Gujarat and its famous Gujarati Wedding Saree. The sheer simplicity and vibrancy in their art, culture, architecture and famous outfits have helped them flourish worldwide. Being a vibrant mixture of various cultures, one thing that keeps them connected is their popular Indian ethnic wear for women. You will find some fantastic exquisite, handcrafted design that shows the amalgamation of both contemporary and historical twists. The state has a lot to offer when it comes to Gujarati bridal Wear.

To help you out, here is the list of the Top 5 Popular Gujarati Wedding Saree.

Top 5 Popular Gujarati Wedding Saree

1.Bandhani/ Bandhej Saree

Bandhani or Bandhej are the most popular Gujarati Saree for weddings. These sarees are also known as the face of Gujarat and Rajasthan. The natural tie and dye pattern and variety of assorted designs make it unique and different from other women's bridal wear. These patterns and prints showcase India's history, art, and culture.

Traditionally if we take a look, the bandhani saree comes in red, yellow, green and blue colors but with the evolution of the current fashion trends and popularity, these bridal bandhani sarees are also available in modern versions. If you plan to crush your wedding through Gujarat Bridal Saree, then pure bandhani saree is the one you should choose. The most common fabric used in bandhani sarees are cotton, georgette, chiffon, and various silks. Nowadays, various other crafts such as Ajrakh, Banarasi, Pichwai and Kalamkari prints are also added to these bandhani sarees to uplift the look.

2. Patola Saree

The name of this saree originated from the Patan region of Gujarat. The Patola saree is the double ikat saree usually made from silk. The double ikat weave on these saree makes the layer of this saree creamy in texture. Master artisans themselves do the creation of this saree. The sheer glitter shimmer finish makes it one of the common choices among Gujarati wedding saree lovers. The beautiful geometric pattern and the intricate handwork differentiate this saree from other Gujarati wedding saree. These patterns are mostly made with the Ajrakh hand block printing or plucking the clothes.

3. Panetar

Panetar is also known as the bridal saree of Gujarat. It is a ceremony saree given to the bride by her parents on the wedding occasion. The Jain and Hindu bride usually wears the saree. The Gujarati panetar saree comes with a base of silk material with a white background and red border.

The white portion of this Gujarati wedding saree comes with the Gaji, which has the zari work on the border. At some place, you will also find these beautiful sarees that come with a combination of Ajrakh and bandhani motifs. The primary purpose of wearing this saree is to cover the bridal head and the shoulder.

4. Gharchola Saree

The Gharchola is yet another popular type of the Gujarati Wedding saree, popular among the brides. The Gujarati wedding dress for bride is usually given by the bride in law and worn by the bride during the second half of the wedding. The saree usually comes in red, green, yellow and blue colors. The attractiveness of the colors and pattern makes the Ghar Chola saree popular among everyone.

The Ghar Chola wedding saree comes with 12 square patterns known as the "Bar Baghor" and 52 square patterns known as the "Bhavan Bhag." Some of the popular Gharchola saree are Bandhani Gharchola saree and Ajrakh Print Gharchola saree.

5. Gujarati Banarasi saree

The Gujarati banarasi is one of the most sought choices when it comes to choosing a saree for the Gujarati wedding. The adornment of the beautiful design on the silk cloth and exclusive bandhani or Ajrakh craft of the Kutch leads to the formation of the Gujarat Banarasi saree. No other outfit can match the beautiful glitter of the banarasi saree, especially when you wear them as a Gujarati wedding saree. Among the various varieties, the banarasi bandhani saree and banarasi bandhani saree with the dupion silk is the ideal choice for a Gujarati wedding.